Collection of Architecture Weblogs

I would like to share a collection of Weblogs that I have found.  Below is the list with a short description of what the blog is about.  Feel free to add your links in the comments section.

  • A Dose of Architecture- John Hill, an architect who lives and works in Chicago, looks at contemporary architectural works of significance through his illustrated weblog and weekly articles.
  • AnArchitecture- C. Wassmann’s weblog dedicated to architecture and architectural thinking. Includes news, links, archives and opinions.
  • Arch Daily- Features the notable works of prominent architects and analyzes them. Also publishes announcements and results of architectural competitions.
  • Architechnophilia- Blog of an architect practicing in the Caribbean in which he shares his views and finds.
  • Architectural Videos- Blog sharing videos of new buildings and architectural concepts.
  • Architecture + Morality- A blog that explores the social issues behind architecture.
  • BldgBlog- Los Angeles-based writer Geoff Manaugh provides architectural news and conjecture, heavily illustrated.
  • Busyboo- Vered Carmel’s illustrated weblog covers architecture, interior design, digital photography, web design and illustration.
  • CoolBoom- An interior designer in Valencia provides architecture and interior design news from across the world. [English and Spanish versions.]
  • Dwell Blog- An architecture and design blog maintained by the Dwell magazine’s editorial staff.
  • Earth Architecture- Focuses purely on architecture constructed of mud brick, rammed earth, or other methods of earthen construction.
  • Eikongraphia- A continuous research into the appliance of iconography in contemporary architecture
  • Ernesto Bueno’s Blog- Describes emergent strategies in architectural design and fabrication, such as scripting techniques for algorithmic design, parametric modeling, and CAD/CAM and usage of tools like RhinoScript and Grasshopper.
  • Fotofacade- Architectural photographer Andy Marshall’s photo blog.
  • How to build(?)- Weblog of Sebastian Linde, commenting on architectural topics in search of an appropriate design-approach for present and future buildings.
  • Interactive Architecture- Ruairi Glynn, Installaton Artist & Lecturer at the Bartlett School of Architecture blogs about interactive architecture and emerging artistic practices where digital technologies & virtual spaces merge with tangible and physical spatial experiences.
  • New Architects in Latin America- Elias Redstone explores the styles of new generation architects practicing in Central and South America.
  • Pruned- A blog on landscape, architecture, habitat and related fields
  • Sensing Architecture- Sensing Architecture, a digital platform authored by Maria Lorena Lehman, focuses on where architecture should be headed by finding links between architectural design, neuroscience and new technology.
  • Stair Porn- A site entirely dedicated to stairs often highlighting unusual and breakthrough concepts in stair design.
  • Super Colossal- Blog of ‘Super Colossal’, an architecture office based in Sydney, offering news and views on architecture.
  • Talkitecture- A group of architects critique new designs and showcase research papers on contemporary issues in architecture.
  • The ARCH- Blog by Jon Brouchoud covering architecture and design in virtual environments like Second Life.
  • TheHouseKid- A weblog created by Brandon Brooks, a young aspiring architect in the United States, to discuss house plan design and residential architecture.
  • Unusual Life- Seattle real estate consultant Marlow Harris has a penchant for unusual homes and amazing architecture, which appear in her weblog.
  • William Bostwick- Author presents a selection of articles and podcasts on architecture and design.
  • Yworkshop (Bridge the architectural ideas of East and West)- A Vancouver based architectural blog dedicated to local and international thinkings on architecture which tries to bridge the architectural ideas of East and West.
  • archiCentral- Blog covering news and information on architecture from around the world.
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